What We Do


Import Car Singapore

is a company that’s dedicated in helping expats and Singaporean residents bring their dream car into the country. We’re composed of highly experienced importers who can handle all of the arrangements on your behalf. We take care of all the legwork for you so you can focus on more important things as you await the car of your dreams.


Our Process

We have several ports in various parts of the world who can accomodate your car and bring it to Singapore faster than most logistics company. Unlike other companies, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with an all inclusive service. The moment you speak to one of our importers, we will be hard at work finding the most affordable car import solution for you.


Excellent Service

We provide all our customers with transparent and reliable services every single time. When you work with Import Car Singapore, you’re guaranteed to receive your car at the soonest possible time and be aware of all the costs of bringing a new car into the country.


Customer Satisfaction

We have a transparent reporting system that details every charge and fees your account may accrue during the entire process. We will make sure you’re car is delivered to you according to your specifications in the most convenient way possible.

Email us at info@importcar.com.sg

We’ll make sure there’s an import manager on standby who can address all of your concerns on demand. If you wish to receive a quotation from us, please email us at info@importcar.com.sg.

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