How It Works

Once you get in touch with our importers, they will collect all of the necessary information needed to fulfil your order. This would include the name and make of the car you want to import as well as its location. After receiving all of the details we need regarding the car, we will give you a list of requirement from customs so you will have enough time to accomplish them and furnish us a copy. Below are some of the requirements required at customs:

1. One-stop service for parallel importers of personal cars

2. Customs Inward and Duty Permit declaration

3. Vehicle Transportation

4. Vitas inspection /submissions and vehicle registration with LTA

5. Number retention

6. In-Car Unit (IU) fixing

7.  Licensed and non-licensed warehouse storage   

8.  Loan and Insurance Arrangements

1. Car’s age needs to be less than 3 years.

2. The age of the used vehicle is based on it’s day of registration from the foreign country.

3. If the date of the registration cannot be determined, then the age of the vehicle will be based on the day of it’s manufacture.

4. All modification done to your car must be properly documented and certified, and can only be carried out by the manufacturer and authorised agent.

5. Car must use unleaded petrol.

6. Car must use CFC-Free air conditioner

7. Car must pass an Inspection done at an authorised inspection centres.

1. Invoice

2. Bill of Lading

3. Custom Permit

4. V5c

5. Certificate of Conformity

6. Photo of Odometer showing the actual mileage

7. TT Slip or any equivalent document showing the total payment made to the supplier in UK (CIF)

8. Letter of Authorisation to perform SCOMV, VITAS and registration on owner’s behalf 

9. Declaration of Facts (Dof) 

Our importers will be more than happy to help you accomplish any of the requirements mentioned above. Be sure to ask your assigned import manager any questions you might have regarding the process of securing any of the document necessary.

Our logistic partners guarantee safe and secure delivery of your car. They also offer some of the most flexible freight scheduling that prioritizes your convenience.

Import Car Singapore is a company that prioritizes your preference and convenience. We’ll find a workaround for everything for you – so you can just sit back, relax, and wait for your dream car to arrive at the port or your doorstep!

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